Conference Tracks

Technical Session I

Trends and Challenges in General Management

  1. Emerging Role of Private Sector in India
  2. Challenges and Opportunities in Small and Medium Enterprises
  3. Leadership in Organizational Settings
  4. Organizational Development and Change Management
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. CSR and Business Ethics
  7. Entrepreneurship Development and Family Business Management
  8. Conflict Management 
  9. Dynamics of Globalization     
  10. Waste Management                                 


Technical Session II

Trends and Challenges in Financial Management

  1. Contemporary Issues in Financial Management
  2. Economic Reforms in Indian Economy in Recent Years
  3. Effects of Demonetization on Indian Economy
  4. Micro Finance and Micro Credit System in India
  5. Stock Market Volatility and Liquidity Issues
  6. Foreign Direct Investment
  7. Social Accounting and Green Accounting Practices in India
  8. Digitalization
  9. Economic Policies for Trade Facilitation
  10. Venture Capital and Private Equity Funding
  11. Financial Inclusion through New Schemes
  12. Impact of Goods and Services Tax
  13. Management of Non PerformingAssets(NPA) in Banks


Technical Session III

Trends and Challenges in Marketing Management

  1. Consumer Behavior
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Retail Scenario in India
  4. Services Marketing
  5. Go Green' Practices in Marketing
  6. E-Commerce
  7. Dynamics in Advertising
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. New Horizons in Rural Marketing\
  10. Tourism and Hospitality
  11. Branding in the Digital Era
  12. Managing Service Quality
  13. Digital Marketing


Technical Session IV

Trends and Challenges in Human Resource Management

  1. Human Capital
  2. Performance Management
  3. Work Life balance
  4. Industrial Relations : Culture and Diversity
  5. Human Resource Information System
  6. Technology Interface in HR
  7. Competency Mapping
  8. HR Audit and HR Research
  9. Compensation Management
  10. Green HRM