Submission Guidelines


An abstract of about 500 words including the title, author(s) and address typed in MS Word in single spacing should be submitted online through e-mail by 21 August 2019 at

  1. Title (MS Word in Times New Roman (Size 16 Points) in single spacing)
  2. Authors (MS Word in Times New Roman  (Size 12 Points))
  3. Affiliation (MS Word in Times New Roman (Size 14 points))
  4. Abstract (MS Word in Times New Roman (Size 12 points) in single spacing)
  5. Keywords (MS Word in Times New Roman  (Size 12 Points))


The abstract should include the title of sub theme at the bottom of the page and a brief note about: Statement of Problem, Methodology, Analysis, Findings and Keywords (4-5). Paper presentation in the conference will be permitted only when the participant has registered for the conference and submitted the full paper. On spot papers will not be accepted.



  1. Ten minutes time will be given to each speaker.
  2. Presentation to be prepared in MS Power Point and brought in a USB memory stick.
  3. LCD projector facility will be provided by the organizers.
  4. Certificate of paper presentation would be only awarded to the participants who will present the paper in the respective session.



  1. Size of the poster should be 1x1 meter
  2. Pins and stand will be provided by the organization
  3. Poster should be legible enough to be viewed from a distance of 4 feet.


AWARDS (Research Scholar/Student Category)

  1. Best oral presentation for each technical session                                             
  2. Three best Poster Presentations